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Shanghai Middle School Project

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Shanghai Middle School in Jiading District, is a public junior high school directly under the Jiading Education Bureau. The school was founded in 1995. In September 2009, the school was expanded into two campuses, East and West. The eastern campus covers an area of 59 mu, with a construction area of 15,000 square meters, and the western campus covers an area of 30 mu, with a construction area of 12,000 square meters. The school has first-class education and teaching facilities, with a total of 33 teaching classes, 1,300 students, and nearly 100 teaching staff.The purpose of the school to purchase food waste treatment equipment this time is to better reduce environmental pollution and truly achieve harmless and on-site solutions.

The daily processing capacity of the school's food waste is 500kg, and the processing equipment adopts the advanced "normal temperature aerobic fermentation" process. The food waste is turned into water after biological fermentation, and then discharged through the oil-water separator.

This food waste reduction treatment equipment adopts comprehensive treatment technologies such as harmlessness and reduction to cut off the illegal interest chains such as "gutter oil" returning to the dining table and food waste directly feeding livestock and poultry from the source, turning waste into Treasure, turning harm into profit, the unity of actual social benefit, environmental benefit and economic benefit, help the development of environmental protection treatment of food waste.

Key words:

Project location: Jiading, Shanghai

Processing object: food waste

Processing scale: 500kg/d

Completion and trial operation time: December 2019



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