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Innovator in the Biodegradation of Food Waste in China

Focus on the Reduction, Harmless, Recycle and Lower-carbon On-site Treatment of Food Waste
Based on Advanced Technology and Equipment, We Provide You with a Complete Set of Food Waste Disposal Solutions

Company Profile

Hainan Nalisen was founded in 2019 and settled in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Sanya City, Hainan Province in 2023. Henan Nalisen Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Zhengzhou City as a manufacturing and operation and maintenance service center.

The company focuses on the field of ecological environment governance, and its main business includes food waste biodegradation disposal technology, new generation sewage treatment technology and equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, operation services, etc., and is committed to providing customers with more thorough, safer and more efficient and environmental protection solutions.
Nalisen food waste biodegradation disposal system, including intelligent equipment and composite bacterial agents, is in the leading position at home and abroad, and can truly realize the reduction, harmless and recycle of food (perishable) waste disposal.The normal temperature aerobic microbial preparation (Type A) can degrade the organic matter of perishable waste into a liquid state within 24h. The liquid output can be used for carbon source supplementation in sewage treatment plants and agricultural liquid fertilizers to realize resource utilization; High temperature aerobic microbial preparation (Type B) can completely decompose the organic matter of perishable waste into water, gas, and a small amount of residue (which can be used as organic fertilizer raw material) within 6h.

The new generation of sewage treatment NLS-RCM process innovated and developed by Nalisen, is a proprietary technology for decentralized treatment of domestic sewage. It can achieve lower investment, lower operating costs, better treatment effect and simpler management and maintenance.

The company is currently a high-growth, high-tech incubator key enterprise. It has been awarded 3 invention patents. 12 software patents, 8 appearance patents, and 21 utility model patents have been reviewed.
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