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200Kg Food Waste Treatment Demonstration Project in Southeast Asia

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Like most countries in the Asia-Pacific region, a large city in a Southeast Asian country is facing increasingly severe solid waste management problems. Food waste and other organic wastes make up about 50% of the total waste.

Organic waste has the characteristics of high water content, oil content, easy decay, easy fermentation, odor, and complex composition. At the same time, it is also easy to breed a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, leading to the occurrence of infectious diseases and eutrophication of water bodies, affecting water quality and water sources, and endangering the environment and human health. Due to the country's numerous islands, limited land area, insufficient government investment, and backward treatment technology, the treatment of perishable waste has become a common concern and an urgent problem to be solved in the country.

In response to this situation, Nalisen actively conducted market research and on-site visits to understand customer needs, combined with our technical vision and case experience in the global industry, to provide food waste disposal solutions that are more suitable for customer needs. Nalisen took the lead in reaching a cooperation agreement with a local multinational company. The first batch of food waste treatment equipment has been delivered to customers in the Spring Festival of 2023 and has been successfully put into operation.

The construction of this food waste treatment project has truly realized the localization, reduction, harmless, resourceful, and informational treatment of food waste; It provides a good approach for the treatment of organic waste in daily life, such as fruits and vegetables, food waste, and kitchen waste; It also provides a demonstration for the treatment of organic perishable waste in Southeast Asian countries.

Project location: Demonstration project of food waste treatment in a Southeast Asian country

Processing object: Food waste

Processing scale: 200kg/d

Completion and trial operation time: May 2023



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