Focus on the Reduction, Harmless, Recycle and 
Lower-carbon On-site Treatment of Food Waste
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R&D Strength

Every technology, comes from continuous innovation
Guided by scientific and technological innovation, Hainan Nalisen has focused on the research and development of organic waste on-site treatment technology since its establishment, and has received support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Sanya Science and Technology Bureau and other departments. In recent years, it has undertaken national and More than 10 related local scientific research projects, through the close combination of industry, university and research, optimize product structure, promote industrial upgrading, and improve enterprise competitiveness.

10+ National & Provincial Level Science And Technology Projects

National Ministry of Science and Technology,
Ministry of Environmental Protection, 
Ministry of Housing and Construction, 
Ministry of Agriculture, 
Sanya Science and Technology Bureau
National Spark Program,
National Science and Technology Support Program, 
National Major Water Special Project,
National SME Innovation Fund

National Ministry of Science and Technology

Sino-Japanese Cooperation Project
"China-Japan Urban Food Waste Resource Utilization Key Technology Cooperation Research"
In 2019, our company and our partner, Ryukoku University in Japan, jointly undertook the research and development project of "China-Japan Urban Food Waste Resource Utilization Key Technology Cooperation Research", introduced advanced theoretical research results from foreign expert teams, studied Japan's advanced experience in waste classification, and transformed the rich experience of foreign engineering cases.

National Ministry of Science and Technology

SME Innovation Fund
"Research and development of complete sets of technology and equipment for harmless and recycle of food waste"
Focus on research on multi-material crushing technology and aerobic digestion technology based on food waste grade, develop a complete set of equipment for food waste treatment, and form a complete process flow. Among them, food waste pretreatment equipment, oil-water separation system, fermentation bin, biological deodorization devices and sewage treatment systems have become the company's core products.

National Ministry of Agriculture

Starfire Program
“Integration and promotion of on-site resource treatment and utilization technology and equipment for rural organic domestic waste”
Explore organic waste treatment processes and equipment suitable for rural areas, develop and transform high-tech decentralized biological treatment for the purpose of achieving harmlessness, reduction, and recycling. Promoted over 100 achievement cases in rural areas such as Zhejiang and Guangdong, providing an innovative model for the "Thousand Villages Showing Ten Thousand Villages Renovation" project in Zhejiang.

Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City

New Technology and New Product( 2023)
"Organic Waste Decentralized Treatment Project"
In 2023, our company won the new technology and new product certification of Yazhouwan Technopole and Sanya City consecutively. By adhering to and strengthening the core function of innovation in production, we expand the influence of new technology and new products on the market and society, create a brand that can be trusted and relied on, and provide better services to drive the healthy development of the market.

National Major Project Office

National Science and Technology Major Project of Water Pollution Control and Treatment (2019-2021)"
Technology Research and Engineering Demonstration for Construction of Green Ecological Space in Functional Wetlands"
Technical research and equipment development are carried out in three directions: research on resource utilization technology of wetland plant waste and development and application of complete sets of equipment; research on resource-based waste classification and recycling treatment technology in villages and towns; and research on sewage collection and treatment technology in rural complex ecological towns.
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