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Ecological and Environmental Protection Disposal Demonstration Center

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Ecological and Environmental Protection Disposal Demonstration Center

The project is a large food waste centralized disposal center covering an area of 1800m², with a daily disposal capacity of 50 tons/day. The project includes: housing construction, the resource disposal of tail water, tail gas and solid residue, collection and transportation system and intelligent large screen system. The project can meet the needs of 200000 people in more than 40 communities for the disposal of food waste, and realize the localization, reduction, harmless, resource utilization and informatization of food waste disposal. The project adopts the phase-change normal temperature ecological phase-change water production process, and is constructed in strict accordance with the national requirements for the discharge of waste water, waste gas and solid waste. The production process realizes intelligent whole-process control and management. It is a large-scale benchmark project integrating environmental protection discharge standards and national food waste disposal standards.

Key words:

Project Location: Demonstration Center for Disposal of Food Waste in East China

Processing object: Food waste

Processing scale: 50t/d

Completion and trial operation time: June 2021

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