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Oil-water separator

The oil-water separator has functions of solid-liquid separation, oil-water separation, automatic sludge discharge, and automatic lifting.

Product description

SOil-water separator, oil and sewage main pipe connected to the equipment sewage inlet, sewage first into the residue separation bin, sewage residue in the residue separation bin by the spiral low-speed motor will automatically discharge the residue to the slag collection barrel, wastewater and grease then flow into the oil-water separation bin, when the water level rises to a certain position, the use of oil and water density difference principle to collect grease to the floating oil collection area, when the collected floating oil reaches a certain level When the collected floating oil reaches a certain level, the oil is discharged to the oil-water collection barrel through the oil discharge valve, and the separated waste water in the oil-water separation bin flows into the sewage lifting bin through the guide pipe device under its own pressure, and when the water level in the sewage lifting bin reaches a certain position, the sewage is discharged by the sewage pump.



Installation structure diagram


Product advantage

1. The equipment adopts eddy current centrifugal separation technology, which has high oil-water separation accuracy, prevents the oil and solids in the waste water from blocking the drainage pipes, and makes the water quality meet the discharge requirements of relevant national and local regulations, and has good environmental protection performance;

2. The animal and vegetable oil with a purity of more than 95% produced after oil-water separation can be recycled and reused as biomass diesel to increase income;

3. Fully enclosed and integrated structure, no need to build a new grease trap, compact structure, small footprint, saving investment;

4. Stainless steel integrated, clean and hygienic, automatic operation, convenient for daily management, and low operating cost.



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